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🔎 Interesting reads you might have missed

  1. Jason Cohen on Navigating the unpredictability of everything: “Customers are where you discover how to upgrade your strategy. Since you know your initial strategy is wrong, following customers’ lead is how you correct it.”

  2. How is Spotify experimenting at scale: “With a staggering number of tests conducted on Home, experimenting at scale becomes a unique challenge that requires powerful tooling and meticulous coordination.”

  3. Introducing ChatCSV: “Your new data scientist assistant. Upload a CSV and ask it questions. It is an Ask Me Anything for Spreadsheets.” Of course, this only works when you feed it structured data. But if your job is to turn business questions into SQL, watch out.

  4. Dennis Peeters created CRO Professor: “A GPT bot loaded only with high quality CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) documents”

  5. Some fun from FlowingData on: Objectiveness distributions.

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