HBR IdeaCast on ‘Disruptive Innovation’

Four Business Ideas That Changed the World is a special series from the HBR IdeaCast podcast. Each week, an HBR editor talks to world-class scholars and experts on the most influential ideas of HBR’s first 100 years. In this episode: disruptive innovation.

No assumptions tested, no low-cost commitment tests. Big project teams with all the money in the world, on the assumption that they know what they’re doing and they don’t. There’s a real need for organizations that want to behave this way, to be willing to put some money behind what I call options. The idea of making a small investment today that could, not that will, but that could give you the right to create future choices. Companies that are going to be successful are going to get a lot smarter about that.

Rita McGrath, professor at Columbia Business School