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  • what we can learn from Twitter
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* What we can learn from Twitter

Recruiter Mimi VerLoren van Themaat from Blooming People reflects on what’s happening at Twitter. Most of the things are counter to what job seekers are looking for.

🚀 Job opportunities

This week’s featured roles:

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🔎 Interesting reads you probably missed

John Cutler on North Star frameworks
John Cutler on North Star frameworkstwitter.com

“Having done 100s of North Star framework workshops at @Amplitude_HQ, … 95% of NSMs fit in one of the following categories Count of: Humans, Accounts, Objects, Actions, Connections”

CUPED explained

Craig Sexauer, Data Scientist at Statsig, does a deep dive into CUPED: Why it was invented, how it works, and how to use CUPED to run experiments faster and with less bias.

Standardizing metrics for product analytics
Use the new Amplitude Metrics feature to improve the quality of analysis in Amplitude with new ways to create, save and standardize metrics.

Using Causal ML instead of A/B Testing

Samuele Mazzanti: Counterfactual questions are among the most important topics in business. I hear companies asking this kind of questions all the time. These problems are usually addressed through A/B testing…

CausalPy: causal inference for quasi-experiments

This is a new open source python package:

CausalPy aims to have a broad applicability to making causal claims across a range of quasi-experimental settings.

Eppo launches their unified feature flagging platform

With feature flagging, Eppo becomes the first experimentation tool that lets teams operate in a variety of ways.

Ryan Lucht on ‘what is experimentation?’

What is “experimentation” in the marketing universe? Is it a growth tactic? A channel? A process? It should be your leadership methodology.

📅 Upcoming events

Last event of the year: Experimentation Elite on December 8 in London, United Kingdom.

Events planned for January 2023:

All experimentation conferences & events 2023

Although many events still need to be confirmed, you can already start planning your year. Let me know if I missed an event.

💬 Quote of the week

“If you don’t give experimentation the proper investment (tools, processes, people, skills), don’t expect it to do big things. It probably won’t. ― Shiva Manjunath

😄 Fun of the week

Have you already played with ChatGPT? You should! One of the many things you could do is ask it to explain the concept of p-values in the style of Donald Trump.

[tweet https://twitter.com/markov_gainz/status/1598502475119865856]

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