Experimental Mind #153

Last week I returned from a excellent trip to Iceland, the land of fire and ice. My summer is getting to an end. But not the Summer Series, I will continue to share how experimenters are spending their summer. This week we have Els Aerts, co-founder/managing partner of AGConsult, user research advocate and outstanding speaker.

I’ve started reading and listening some interesting articles and podcasts. Expect a more extensive edition next week.

ps. this is your last chance to enroll for Ronny Kohavi’s class on A/B testing. See the event overview below.

😎 Summer time with Els Aerts

How Els Aerts spends the summer
How Els Aerts spends the summerexperimentalmind.com
When I take a break, I slow down. Way down. For me personally, it’s important to take some time now and again to completely disconnect from work.

What I’ve been reading

Online Experimentation: Benefits, Operational and Methodological Challenges, and Scaling Guide

This article gives a good overview of where we as an industry stand.

In the past decade, online controlled experimentation, or A/B testing, at scale has proved to be a significant driver of business innovation.

This article provides a primer to business leaders, data scientists, and academic researchers on business experimentation at scale, explaining the benefits, challenges (both operational and methodological), and best practices in creating and scaling an experimentation-driven, decision-making culture.

Interview with Ronny Kohavi
Interview with Ronny Kohavicausalinf.substack.com

Scott Cunningham interviews Ronny Kohavi about his career into computer science, early entry into tech industry, A/B experimentation and more. There is also a video version.

🚀 Job opportunities

CRO Specialist at Albert Heijn
CRO Specialist at Albert Heijnexperimentationjobs.com

[DUTCH] Als Conversie Optimalisatie Specialist optimaliseer je onze webshop en apps aan de hand van sterke analyses in onze online data en inzichten in klanten (shop)gedrag.

Check out the job board to find all other open roles.

📅 Upcoming events

You have one week to enroll for Ronny Kohavi’s class Accelerating Innovation with A/B Testing. Use this link to receive a $50 Amazon gift card (referral link). I will also be joining, so hope to see you there.

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🙏 Thank you for reading

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Have a great week — and keep experimenting.